Surf City, USA Awarded Platinum Energy Leader Status

Last year, the city of Huntington Beach earned $121,476 in rebate incentives from SCE for its energy-efficiency efforts.

August 08, 2014 | By Jim Hanggi

Surf City, USA has crowned many surfing champions on its shores, but recently it was the city of Huntington Beach that received the top award. The city earlier this year was awarded an Energy Leader Partnership Platinum status from Southern California Edison (SCE), the highest level of recognition for energy-efficiency efforts in SCE’s Energy Leader Partnership program.

Managing energy use and demand is important to meeting California’s vision of a cleaner energy future. Cities and counties, such as Huntington Beach, are working with SCE to retrofit facilities to be more energy efficient. Through its program, SCE provides incentives and knowledge to help local governments become energy-efficiency leaders.

“SCE is a tremendous partner for their technical and professional expertise. They expanded our ability to think outside the sustainable box,” said Domer. “As a regional energy leader, SCE helps the city tap into larger regional applications, information sharing and resources critical to our local efforts since energy management and sustainability is not a confined activity to a city’s borders. We are a piece of the solution and SCE helps us do our part more efficiently.”

In 2011, Huntington Beach earned SCE’s Gold Level for its energy-efficiency retrofits, which saw more than 2 million kilowatt hours in energy savings and earned the city more than $236,345 in rebates from SCE.“The journey to achieve platinum status started in 2008 with the creation of the energy manager position, which was followed up by the development of an Energy Action Plan in 2011,” said Ken Domer, assistant city manager for Huntington Beach. “This forward-focused plan has helped us to strategically move the city in its sustainability goals.”  

From 2006-2013, Huntington Beach achieved more than 4,457,736 in kilowatt-hour savings, enough to power 650 homes for one year. Through their installation of energy-efficient equipment at city facilities, Huntington Beach has seen savings of 771,049 kilowatt hours and $10,941 of electricity expense per year. The city also earned more than $121,476 in rebate incentives last year from SCE.

“As the nation’s leader in energy efficiency, SCE appreciates the efforts of leading cities and communities in our service territory who participate in our programs, work with us to save energy and costs and help the environment,” said Jenelle Godges, SCE Local Public Affairs region manager.  

SCE’s local government partnerships assist cities to identify and act on opportunities for energy efficiency and Integrated Demand-Side Management solutions in municipal facilities, and support alignment with California’s Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.  

Huntington Beach plans to continue to promote energy efficiency and find new projects to continue to help manage its energy. The city is currently completing a project that will save 1,285,500 additional kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to power 182 homes for one year.

“Huntington Beach wants to not just be known as Surf City, USA, but as a sustainable city as well,” said Domer. “The care of our natural environment includes making sure our energy policies are in line with sustainability best practices to include energy management.” 

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