SCE Crews Safely Restore Power to Residents After Colby Fire

Crews work round-the-clock dealing with difficult terrain; bring in helicopters to safely restore power after the fire destroys more than 1900 acres.

January 21, 2014 | By Caroline Aoyagi-Stom @SCE_CarolineA

It’s often said that linemen are heroes, right up there with firemen and police. And as firemen battled the recent Colby fire that burned more than 1,900 acres in the San Gabriel Mountains, heroic crews of Southern California Edison (SCE) linemen prepared to safely restore power.

As a result of the fire in the Foothill city of Glendora, five homes were lost and 17 structures were also burned. Seventy-nine SCE customers lost their power as the Colby fire downed poles and lines, but all had their power restored by this past Sunday afternoon.

Additional SCE staff, including region managers from Local Public Affairs, handed out flyers and went door-to-door to speak with residents about the ongoing efforts to restore their power following the Colby fire.

In all, 14 poles, five transformers and 9000 feet of wire needed to be replaced. SCE linemen battled the difficult terrain and poor air quality to replace poles and restring power lines. In remote areas, helicopters were called in to help with the repairs.

This photo gallery and video show firsthand what steps SCE crews took to safely restore power after a major fire, like the most recent one in Glendora.

Video producer: Ernesto Sanchez

Photo gallery: Jean Anderson

Topics: Customer Service, Safety