SCE Calls Second Save Power Day for Monday, Aug. 4

The Save Power Day program helps customers conserve energy and earn up to $100 bill credits a year.

August 01, 2014 | By Caroline Aoyagi-Stom @SCE_CarolineA

As warm temperatures continue throughout the Southland, Southern California Edison (SCE) has called a second Save Power Day for its customers for Monday, Aug. 4. The first one was called on July 14.

The Save Power Day program helps residential customers earn up to $100 in bill credits each year, in addition to helping conserve some energy. When SCE calls a Save Power Day, customers will be asked to conserve energy between the hours of 2-6 p.m.

“We want to let our customers know that the Save Power Day program is a great way to earn credits on their bill while doing their part to conserve energy,” said Mark Wallenrod, SCE director of program operations. “We encourage customers who are already signed up for the program to also let their family and friends know about the program.”

To sign up for the Save Power Day program, go to: Customers can choose how they would like to be notified, either by phone, email or text.

On the days designated Save Power Days, customers who have signed up for the alerts will receive a message the day before. Customers earn $0.75 per kilowatt hour reduced between 2-6 p.m.

Some ways customers can conserve energy include:

  • Setting or programming thermostats no lower than 78 degrees.
  • Using electric fans instead of air conditioning when practical.
  • Turning off unused appliances and equipment.
  • Shutting off lights when leaving a room.
  • Avoid air conditioner use when evaporative coolers or humidifiers are running.
  • Operating energy-intensive appliances during early morning or evening hours.
  • Limiting how often you open your refrigerator door.

For more details, and to sign up for Save Power Day alerts, visit Customers can also get more energy–savings tips at

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