High Temperatures Expected in the Southland Through This Weekend

SCE asks its customers to conserve energy as much as possible during the expected high demand for electricity.

October 01, 2014 | By Caroline Aoyagi-Stom @SCE_CarolineA

Fall officially arrived on Sept. 22, but the National Weather Service is predicting another heat wave for the Southland that could continue into early next week.

In mid-September, Southern Californians experienced several days of continuous high heat with temperatures reaching into the 100s for the valleys and High Desert. This latest heat wave will be a bit milder, but Southern California Edison (SCE) asks its customers to conserve as much as possible to withstand the expected high demand for electricity.

“Our customers really did their part during the September heat wave. By reducing their energy usage, customers helped to keep the grid reliable and safe for everyone,” said Mark Wallenrod, SCE director of Program Operations. “With this latest heat wave, we encourage our customers to sign up for our various energy-saving programs.”

During the September heat wave, SCE customers took part in various conservation programs, including the Save Power Days and Summer Discount Plan. Both plans offer bill credits for customers who conserve energy. During a hot day when demand for electricity is high, both programs can be activated simultaneously.

The Save Power Days program is year-round and customers actively participating in it can earn up to $100 in bill credits each year. When a Save Power Day is called, customers will be notified the day before to start conserving energy between 2-6 p.m. on the designated day.

Customers who sign up for the Summer Discount Plan voluntarily allow the utility to shut down their air conditioner for up to six hours during an “energy event” when there is a high demand for electricity. There are two options customers can sign up for: the Maximum Savings Cycling allows an air conditioner to be shut off for up to six hours a day; the Maximum Comfort Cycling allows for an air conditioner to be shut off for 15 minutes each half hour for up to six hours a day.  

Customers earn up to $200 in bill credits for the Maximum Savings option and up to $100 in bill credits for the Maximum Comfort option. There is also an override option available for the Summer Discount Plan. For more frequently asked questions, visit: on.sce.com/Zsm62t

To sign up for the Save Power Days program, visit: sce.com/takeaction. Customers can sign up for the Summer Discount Plan at sce.com/sdp. The status of a Demand Response event can also be viewed at: sce.com/drp/events.

Some low-cost ways to save energy include:

  • Setting the thermostat to 78 degrees.
  • Using fans to help circulate the air and window coverings to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Using the microwave instead of the stove and oven.
  • Replacing your air conditioner’s air filter and cleaning the vents to ensure proper air flow and intake.

For more energy-saving tips: Twitter.com/SCE.

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