‘A Bug’s Light!’ Shines Importance on Electrical Safety for Kids

SCE donated $25,000 to The National Theater for Children to produce the play that helps educate kids about electrical safety.

September 16, 2013 | By Susan Cox

Five-year-old Emmanuel Ruiz laughed along with his classmates during Monday’s live theatre production of “A Bug’s Light!” at Martin Luther King Elementary School in Compton.

“That was fun!” he said. “Yeah,” agreed Arianna Guardado, 5, nodding her head.

Sparky the Wonder Bug, the star of the show, entertained an estimated 600 students at the school, teaching them about electrical safety and what they and their families can do to stay safe outdoors and inside their homes.

Monday’s performance is the first of 10 scheduled multimedia, interactive safety performances produced by The National Theater for Children, which will actively engage students in Southern California Edison (SCE)’s service area in learning what they and their families can do safely around electricity. An estimated 5,400 students are expected to see the production Monday through Friday as part of National Preparedness Month.

Edison International, parent company of SCE, donated $25,000 to The National Theater for Children to produce the play to educate children in schools in Southern California, including Compton, Alhambra, Santa Ana, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino and Oxnard.

“‘A Bug’s Light!’ is a great resource and learning tool to teach children about electrical safety,” said Megan Jordan, SCE vice president of Corporate Communication. “Safety is our primary concern and we want the children to take what they learned during the performances home and share it with their families.”  

The production uses a combination of interactive learning techniques that include an entertaining, all-school assembly performed by professional actors, classroom curriculum, digital educational games and homework assignments.

Students are taught how electricity is made and used, how to identify dangerous situations both inside and outside the home and ways to stay safe around electricity, including around downed power lines. In addition, employees from Edison International and SCE participate, helping to deliver key safety messages at each performance.

At Fremont Elementary School in Alhambra, students recited safety tips following a performance of “A Bug’s Light!.”

“Do we climb trees near power lines?” asked one of the actors in the play. Students answered with a chorus of “Nooooo.”

“Do we fly kites near power lines?” Students again answered with a chorus of “Nooooo.”

“Do electrical appliances and water mix?” “Nooooo.”

At the end of the performance, students recited in unison: “Play it safe around electricity.”

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