March 1, 2001

ROSEMEAD, Calif., Mar. 1, 2001-Southern California Edison today unveiled a slate of offerings to help its residential customers conserve energy. 

"Energy efficiency is always important," said Gene Rodrigues, SCE director for energy efficiency programs.   "But today more than ever, with the electricity shortages California has seen over the past several months, and the expectation of increased electricity demand this summer, it is vital that we do all we can to lower our energy usage.  We believe this menu of energy-saving opportunities will help customers reach this goal."

SCE's 2001 energy efficiency programs include several ongoing measures and some new ones:

  • Customers with an old, working refrigerator can have it picked up and hauled away for free, and receive a check for $35 or five compact fluorescent light bulbs, a $50 value.  Refrigerators are dismantled in an environmentally safe manner as part of the company's refrigerator recycling program. 
  • Torchiere lamps meeting the ENERGY STARAlt-0174 qualification will be sold for $10 off the standard price at participating retail stores and home centers.  While torchieres are popular floor lamps, most models consume high levels of electricity and burn at over 1100 degrees.   ENERGY STARâ torchieres not only conserve energy, but burn at only 100 degrees, greatly reducing the danger of injury or fire.
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs and fixtures that meet ENERGY STARâ qualifications are offered at reduced prices of up to $10 per unit.  These bulbs can be used in standard light sockets and use only 25% of the energy of standard light bulbs, while emitting the same level of light and lasting up to 10 times longer.  Look for displays in home improvement centers and other stores where light bulbs are sold.
  • The Pool Pump Timer program encourages customers with a pool to set their pump timers to operate any time from 6 p.m. to noon during the months of June through September, as those are the hours when the demand for electrical energy is lowest during the summer.  To encourage early enrollment, customers signing up by April 30 will qualify for a $40 incentive, while those enrolling in May will qualify for a $20 incentive. 
  • Pool owners can receive up to $100 if they buy and install a new, qualifying, energy-efficient pool pump.
  • Rebates for qualifying energy efficient home appliances and products such as air conditioning, refrigerators and windows will be offered throughout the year.  Customers planning to remodel, renovate, or purchase new appliances are urged to contact SCE to see what rebate programs are in effect. 
  • Homeowners can take advantage of the Residential Contractor Program, which offers incentives for energy-saving measures such as sealing leaky air ducts and tuning up an air conditioning compressor unit in centrally air-conditioned homes, correcting two of the biggest causes of electrical usage in many homes.  The incentives are paid to the contractor doing the work, who in turn charges the homeowner a reduced price.  
  • Owners of apartment units can also benefit from this program by replacing lighting, appliances, or air conditioning equipment serving the building's common areas, again by working with contractors who receive incentives from SCE and in turn charge reduced rates for their work.

SCE customers can also receive a free home energy audit that will show where their electrical usage is highest, and provide personalized recommendations to lower energy consumption.  Audits are available on the utility's Web site (, by phone, by mail, or with an in-person auditor.

SCE also offers a free, 20-page energy guide, available in English, Spanish and Chinese.  Korean and Vietnamese versions are expected to be available later this year.  The utility encourages the purchase of ENERGY STARâ appliances and other products through store displays and labeling.

Those planning to purchase a new home can ask about the ComfortWiseSM program.  A new home bearing the ComfortWiseSM label incorporates features that decrease energy usage and increase a home's comfort and value.   ComfortWiseSM homes are located throughout Southern California.

For more information on any of these offerings, visit and click on "Save Energy and Money," or call      1-800-736-4777 weekdays during business hours.  Funding for these energy efficiency programs is provided by California utility customers and administered by Southern California Edison within its service area under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

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An Edison International company, Southern California Edison is one of the nation's largest electric utilities, serving more than 11 million people via 4.3 million customer accounts in a 50,000-square-mile area within central, coastal and Southern California.