April 15, 2002

ONTARIO, Calif., April 10, 2002-By partnering with Southern California Edison (SCE), DSC Logistics of Ontario received $21, 493 in incentives for including energy-efficient equipment in its new building.  DSC received valuable design assistance from SCE through a California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)-sponsored program called "Savings By Design."

"Savings By Design encourages high-performance, nonresidential building designs throughout all of California's business sectors," said Eric Oates of SCE's new construction services department.  "When DSC decided to build this facility, the Savings By Design program identified several potential energy efficiency strategies to include in the planning and construction of the site."

The DSC building is a 308,090-square-foot tilt-up where dry products are warehoused for retail companies.  At the site, products are received, stored and then dispatched by truck to distribution points.  DSC worked with SCE, the developer and electrical designers to incorporate a high-efficiency lighting design using Pulse Start-Metal Halide fixtures with photoelectric controls, and skylights that promote natural daylight. 

By designing energy efficiency into the project, DSC is estimated to save nearly 449,000 kilowatt-hours per year, or approximately $63,000 annually on energy costs. 
Besides the savings to DSC, the Savings By Design program illustrates SCE's commitment to the environment, energy efficiency and cleaner air due to avoided emissions associated with power generation.  Lower energy demand also means less strain on California's electricity generation resources during high-use periods.  SCE customers are encouraged to participate in the program before building new facilities or expanding or renovating existing operations.

For more information on SCE's Savings By Design program, call  (800) 338-8502 or visit www.savingsbydesign.com.

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An Edison International company, Southern California Edison is one of the nation's largest electric utilities, serving a population of more than 11 million via 4.3 million customer accounts in a 50,000-square-mile service area within central, coastal and Southern California.  For more information on the California electricity market, see www.sce.com.