November 2, 2001

SCE has completed processing almost all summer customer bills that include the state's 20/20 conservation rebate when applicable.  33% of residential bills and 32% of all bills included the 20/20 rebate as a result of reduced energy consumption of 20% or more relative to the same period of the previous year.  Following is SCE's response by Senior Vice President of Customer Service Pam Bass as well as the latest 20/20 data.

ROSEMEAD, Calif., Nov. 2, 2001-We commend the manner and extent to which our customers have responded to the conservation challenge of the summer of 2001.  They deserve enormous credit for helping ensure adequate electric power supplies throughout the state during what was predicted to be a very difficult summer.

Response of SCE customers by customer group:

Total No. of Service
20/20 Credits Accts. Statements 20/20 Credits 20/20 Credits  20/20 Avg. Credit
Customer Group Issued Billed Issued (%) Issued ($) ($/acct.)
Residential 4,981,204 15,233,443 33% 61,435,106.00 12.33
Agricultural 25,953 109,096 24% 3,792,985.00 146.15
Commercial & Industrial 550,756 2,042,973 27% 67,683,386.00 122.89
Total 5,557,913 17,385,512 32% 132,911,477.00 23.91

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