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Rosemead, California, September 2, 2015 - if so, if easy is that one can be done most easily! "Bucks Light" ("! A Bug's Light") is the most well fulfill that purpose from students and teachers which it has received rave reviews as examples.

Such a mission is Southern with 82 single theater performances throughout the service areas in California Edison (SCE) education for the thousands of electrical safety to elementary school students and a lot of talent insects to cause an interesting Sparky (Sparky) continued on Tuesday, coming back Will be.

National Theatre for Children concert consisting of principal (NTC) will tell as to whether the form of interactive learning how to be safe around electricity from students and families. Until coming October 6 Bell flour, Long Beach, El Monte, Palm Desert, San Bernardino, Fontana, Santa Barbara, Visalia, Tulare and elementary school students in a total of 40 places in other cities will watch the show.

SCE is offering this concert as part of public safety outreach efforts.

"" A Bug's light! 'Is interesting through the environment for the benefit along with the risk of electric early to teach children a very good education system. "Environmental health and safety director of stage Neil (Don Neal) in that SCE's said is . "SCE think it is an important tool in customer electricity deulkkeseo this concert program hasigil hope you can understand that it is dangerous to teach that to our children and youth as soon as possible."

The students far away from the wires off the floor 911 hope that Remember to call, plus the show is used electricity is what made ​​home if eye out How to identify dangerous electrical situations and the overall safety of the electrical peripherals and it tells about how you can keep.

This show is a live assembly performances, indoor courses, homework and various contents of interactive teaching techniques in English and Spanish, and take it to the house through the activities fellowship, etc. that can be shared with family, showing their professional actor.

For more detailed information on electrical safety, safe, please visit. For more information about the performances:   2015 "! A Bug's Light" refer to the performance schedule.

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