February 6, 2002

FULLERTON, Calif., February 6, 2002 -- Edison O&M Services (EO&MS), in collaboration with ALSTOM's Energy Management & Markets (EMM) Business, has developed a Data Processing Gateway (DPG) device to help generators meet CAL-ISO requirements regarding power delivery to electric systems throughout California.  According to the CAL-ISO, generators supplying power within the state, with output greater than 10 megawatts,  must install a DPG device by June 2, 2002.  There are approximately 450 units with a minimum capacity of ten MW each in the State of California. 

"Providing real time generation data to the CAL-SO will allow the agency to better coordinate the dispatch of energy within the State," said Wes Moody, chief executive officer of EO&MS.  "This represents a significant improvement in power system operational efficiency."  Our DPG product has already been installed and certified at a number of plants in Southern California and is performing well," he added. 

If power plants do not meet the requirements regarding data transmission by June 2002, they may be precluded from scheduling energy through the CAL-ISO.  Only DPG's certified by the CAL-ISO may be installed by the plants.  Last October, the CAL-ISO certified Edison O&M Services' DPG product as meeting its specific telemetry requirements for energy, non-regulation ancillary services and participating loads. 

The Edison O&M Service's DPG device, that transmits secure, highly reliable, real-time Telemetry, utilizes ALSTOM's "e- terra" software. Edison O&M Services and ALSTOM have signed an agreement allowing Edison O&M Services to utilize this software for interfacing generators with energy management systems throughout the western United States.

A DPG is a device that is installed at a generating station, collecting a set of specified unit data and transmitting this data in a particular manner to the CAL-ISO.  The DPG is typically wired to the specified plant signals, although it may also gather this data via a data interface with the plant's control and metering systems. Once the data is collected, it is converted to a protocol that is acceptable to the CAL-ISO.  "Installation and site certification of a DPG device is very challenging and involves expertise in electrical engineering, control systems, computer systems, telecommunications, and electric retrofit field work," Moody said.  Our personnel are some of the most experienced in the electric power industry and have been successfully installing other ISO devices for some time."

For more information regarding Edison O&M Services' DPG product, please contact Fred Young at (626) 255-7181 or fyoung@edisonoms.com.

Edison O&M Services, headquartered in Fullerton, California, is an Edison International (NYSE:EIX) company.  Edison International companies include Edison Mission Energy, Edison Capital and Southern California Edison.  Edison O&M Services is not the same company as Southern California Edison (SCE) the utility and it is not regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. You do not have to purchase Edison O&M Services' products in order to continue to receive quality regulated services from SCE.

ALSTOM is the global specialist in energy and transport infrastructure. The Company serves the energy market through its activities in power generation, power transmission and distribution, and power conversion and the transport market through its activities in rail and marine. ALSTOM's Energy Management & Markets (EMM) Business, based in Bellevue, WA and part of ALSTOM's Transmission & Distribution Sector, is an international information and energy technology product, system, and service solutions provider. ALSTOM has annual sales in excess of $20 billion and employs 120,000 people in over 70 countries. The Company is listed on the Paris, London and New York stock exchanges (NYSE: ALS). In the US, ALSTOM employs more than 7,000 people and has annual sales exceeding $4 billion.