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ROSEMEAD, Calif., Apr. 30, 2013 - Edison International (NYSE: EIX) today reported first quarter results, as summarized below.

First Quarter Results Summary


Three Months Ended
March 31,

Per Share



Basic earnings from continuing operations



Basic earnings (loss) from discontinued



Basic earnings (loss)



Core earnings



Note: See Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures in Appendix.

Core Earnings Summary

The increase in core earnings in the first quarter was largely driven by the implementation of rates approved in Southern California Edison's (SCE) 2012 General Rate Case (GRC), which was approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in November 2012.

"We're off to a strong start in the first quarter, with earnings consistent with our full-year guidance," said Ted Craver, chairman and chief executive officer of Edison International. "Southern California Edison continues to make substantial investments in infrastructure improvements supporting state policy objectives."

First Quarter Earnings Detail

SCE's first quarter 2013 basic and core earnings were $0.78 per share compared to $0.56 per share in the first quarter of 2012. The core earnings increase was primarily due to the delay in receiving SCE's 2012 General Rate Case, lower operating expenses, largely due to timing, and tax benefits from incremental repair deductions.

Edison International parent company and other reported first quarter 2013 basic earnings from continuing operations of $0.01 per share compared to a $(0.02) per share loss from continuing operations in the first quarter of 2012. Core losses were $(0.01) per share compared to ($0.02) per share in the same period last year.

2013 Earnings Guidance

The company reaffirmed its 2013 core earnings guidance of $3.45 to $3.65 per share and updated its basic earnings guidance to a range of $3.51 to $3.71 per share based on first quarter results. See the risk disclosure statement in the Appendix and the presentation accompanying the company's conference call for further information.

Reconciliation of 2013 Core Earnings Guidance to
Basic Earnings Guidance


2013 Earnings Guidance
as of 2/26/13

2013 Earnings Guidance
as of 4/30/13




EIX Parent & Other




$3.45 - $3.65

$3.45 - $3.65

Non-core Items




$3.45 - $3.65

$3.51 - $3.71

Note: See Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures in Appendix. Non-core items from first quarter only.

About Edison International

Edison International (NYSE:EIX), through its subsidiaries, is a generator and distributor of electric power and an investor in infrastructure and energy assets, including renewable energy. Headquartered in Rosemead, Calif., Edison International is the parent company of Southern California Edison, one of the nation's largest electric utilities.

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Appendix and Summary Financial Schedules

Edison International Reports First Quarter 2013 Results